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Eisode 547: All That Matters Is That I Was Right

June 7th, 2019

Go get your trophy.

Episode 546: Don’t Live With Your Parents

June 6th, 2019

General rule. 

Episode 545: You Might Be An Asshole, If…

June 5th, 2019

Learn the signs. It makes life easier.

Episode 544: Remove The Decor

June 4th, 2019

What are you really asking? Remove yourself, what is the real question?

Episode 543: No Control

June 3rd, 2019

When something's beyond your control... it's beyond your control.

Episode 542: I Don’t Want To Go To A Meeting

May 31st, 2019

When it's a bridge too far, it's a bridge too far.

Episode 541: Stop Being A Dipshit

May 30th, 2019

You know when you're doing it, so... just stop.

Episode 540: You Don’t Really Need This

May 29th, 2019

Sometimes, letting go is the right move.

Episod 539: No One Cares About What You Think, You Dork

May 28th, 2019

Sometimes, your opinion might just need to remain yours.

Episode 538: No Alternative? No Complaint.

May 27th, 2019

Otherwise, you're just complaining.

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